Location: Costal Woods off Church Lane, Headley

The Headley Clay Pigeon Shoot is held alongside one of the Bridleways which joins Headley Village and Walton on the Hill.  Access to the shoot is via the bridleway which is only one car width.  Due to the lack of passing places on the bridleway and the noise from the shoot we would not recommend riding along this bridleway during the times when the shoot is in progress.  Listed below are the dates when the shoot is on and the times are always 10am - 3pm.  Should you happen to ride along this path during the shoot, or before it has begun and encounter any difficulty passing cars who do not give way to you, please contact Mr Philippou who runs the events on his mobile telephone 07831 879200 and he will endeavour to assist you.


January 20186th & 20th
February 20183rd & 17th
March 20183rd, 17th & 31st
April 201814th & 28th
May 201812th & 26th May
June 20189th & 23rd June
July 20187th & 21st July
August 20184th & 18th
September 20181st, 15th & 29th
October 201813th & 27th
November 201810th & 24th
December 20188th & 22nd